​Renew Our Hearts

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  • Tending the Garden Of Your Heart Women do a great job tending to everyone else's hearts while their own can often become dry, full of weeds, and fruitless.  What happens when we've spent all our time making sure everyone's lives are "okay" and in the process, our lives become "not okay"? How can we bring life back into a garden that has been untended.
  • Desert Journey Sometimes we find ourselves entering into a wilderness of the soul. How can we journey through the desert successfully and actually become stronger and more confident so God can use us to become a desert guide for someone else?
  • What Did You Expect? With so many voices calling out to us, expecting us to "do" and "be" how can we learn to listen for our Father's voice and find out what He expects? 
  • You're Invited: Come As You Are If your best friend called you while you were cleaning your house: in sweats, with greasy hair, no-make up and seriously needing a shower and insisted that you attend her "Come As You Are Party" would you go immediately? Or would you first: slap on some blush and mascara, a baseball cap and throw on a pair of yoga pants with a built-in slimmer? God has invited each of us to a "Come As You Are Party" and wants us to do just that...come to Him just as we are-with our tattered smelly lives, not hiding behind a mask that we've made-up. He wants us to come to Him and be perfectly loved by Him in all of our imperfection. (This is a great opener for retreat weekends.)
  • What Drives Your Life?  We all are driven by something in life. How can worry, fear, guilt, resentment, un-forgiveness, and the need for approval drive you away from the incredible purpose that God has for your life?
  • Power of Praise All the various lenses we look through to try to see God: our circumstances emotions, attitude, can distort or diminish our view of Him.  But they don’t change the truth about who God is. The lens of praise brings the true picture of God back into focus. Walking through a diagnosis of cancer and learning the secret of praise helped me to adjust my view of God and trust Him more.
  • It Takes Two In a crazy busy society where independence is lauded, demands are overwhelming and time is limited, how can we build meaningful  and encouraging friendships? What is a "good" friend? What is the common language of friendship that women speak?
  • Bon Voyage What can we learn from Peter's adventure as he climbed out of the boat and walked on the water? How might our love for staying in our comfort zone keep us from experiencing the greatest adventure of our lives?
  • Songs In The Desert Are you willing to let God turn your greatest tragedy into the song of your life? How can we learn to trust God when we've been so deeply hurt and disappointed? What is it like to experience victory as God crushes the evil one's head under your feet?
  • ​A Seeking Heart  God is always willing to give us His wisdom if we are willing to ask and seek after wisdom. How can we gain a heart of wisdom?​
  • Dusty Feet Jesus willing washed the feet of his disciples; those who would betray, disown, and vie for power in His Kingdom.  How can we learn from the ultimate Servant so that we can learn to wash the feet of others? Even those with very dirty feet that have treated us unfairly?
  • Re-entry (Closing for retreat weekends) As we come down from the spiritual mountain top and re-enter the real world we can feel deflated and discouraged. While we've been on "re-treat" the rest of the world has continued to spin with all the twirly people included.  How can we make the transition back into life and retain  what we experienced on the mountain top.